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Source of info on high end music servers.

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  • Source of info on high end music servers.

    Over at the Clarisonus blog, where Lynn Olson writes some great work on audio and especially loudspeakers, John Atkinson has a channel on computers as music servers. John hasn't been all that active lately, but I see he's writing again so perhaps good things will be said once again.

    These guys are real veterans of the very high end, and have a keen knack for very high performance sound from the least number of dollars. Or in some cases, the least number of bushels of them.

    It's this breed of hardcore recorded music enthusiast and technophile that, in the person of the late Alan Wright of Vacuum State in Germany, identified the principle behind ultra-low reactance Slinkylinks cables, imported into the US right here at TAI.

    I'd also recommend Lynn's Nutshell HiFi site, where various essays on the history of the High End appear. The work on loudspeakers is very good.

    If I have time I'd like to introduce more TAI readers to other such stalwarts of truly transcendent sound going back decades and decades. Computers notwithstanding, in many ways audio reached "state of the art" a long time ago...