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My First AV reciver (I'm totally lost)

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  • My First AV reciver (I'm totally lost)

    What the heck, anyway, bought a used AV reciever, used 50' TV and cheap DVD player, got Acculine A3 and bookshelf Klipsch my comuter hooked up to the reciever, and speakers hooked up, but cant hook anything else up. What happened to the old way to set things up...back in the day all ya needed was speaker wire and couple rca cables, these new things got a million different plugs and stuff for stuff I never even heard of.

    Is there an easyer simpler way, cant I just hook all the crap up somehow to a regular sterio reciever? Dont care about the dolby, dtx, thx, or whatever or any of the othert features, sterio sound is good enough for me, I'm partially tone deaf and cant hear half the background noise like tape hiss anyway. The video just needs to play in sync with the sound, nothing else.

    If I can hook it up to a regular sterio, what would you recommend for under 1k?

    Was going to post pics, but I guess you cant anymore

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    Hello jeffgothro,

    Well the easiest way would be to read straight out of the AVR's manual, should be able to find it online. What AVR did you buy? You can do everything you listed above and it should all be outlined in the manual.

    Loudspeaker recommendations are amongst the hardest thing to recommend in the A/V world as they are VERY subjective to the listener's ears and audio tastes. What type of music do you commonly listen to? I believe every line that is available through Jon here at Audio Insider is sub $1k, I myself just purchased a pair of his Arx A5's.