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    Does anyone know if ther is a specific release date set for the 2010 Camaro?
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    Your right, the TCA sub is crap, it couldn't possibly compete with an MFW-15 or a name brand 12" sub, and Jack and Ray are just schilling for their boss. We should know better than to listen to what those bozos have to say.

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    I thought it was supposed to be this month....
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      I know they just started production about a month ago. I'm not sure what the offical release date is, but....

      I saw a 2010 Camaro headed northbound on I-71 on Easter Sunday, just a little north of Columbus, OH! I'm not kidding, my wife saw it too and confirmed I wasn't seeing things. It was a bright blue color, and must have been the "aqua blue" color listed on the camaro website. My wife said it had a "weird looking license plates", which were likely manufacturers plates. I've heard that people have been seeing 2010 Camaros driving around Detroit for at least the last month. I was skeptical of this until Sunday.

      Come to think of it, I've only seen 3 Dodge Challengers on the road, and they've been out for quite a while now.

      Sorry I couldn't have been more help with a release date. I was really excited to see one on the road and had to share :)

      EDIT: There are a few people who are listing these on EBay and autotrader at "gouging" prices. Supposedly, the camaros will start hitting dealerships before the end of April, although many may already be sold. I'd like to hope that GM is intelligent enough to have LOTS of Camaros sitting for sale on dealer's lots in a couple months when Transformers 2 comes out. It might help them not need as much cash from the government. It wouldn't have been the first time that an automobile manufacturer hasn't been able to supply cars that people actually want though (cough, cough, Dodge Challenger), so I won't be holding my breath.


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        I saw one driving by about a week ago here in the metro Denver area.

        A friend has one on order, very specific in the options, color, etc. (don't remember the details, but I'm sure it's a V8). He was told that it won't be delivered until early fall. I think the first ones will all be V6s.


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          One of the guys on has taken delivery of his and he had no special connections.

          They're coming. :) Slowly. :(
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            I am planning on giving these a close look, anyway. From what a local dealer told me, ALL dealers are supposed to have at least one Camaro delivered to them by May 6. I am assuming most will get more than that, and possibly before that date, but the word from GM was they would all have at least one by that date. The local dealers here are selling at MSRP, so that is a good thing. If I buy one it will likely be the '2 SS'...Chevy should have seriously done better with the marketing on the variant names, by the way...but then again, wait a year and they will probably release a Z28 model...and to beat the 400+ horses of the 2SS, that should be quite a machine!!!