Every Thursday I have 2+ hours of nothing but music....

Sitting still,
listening...maybe browsing...but usually nothing....
Today I put the changer on...cranked it up and started dinner. (I had 1 hour earlier)
OK, not sitting still, but it wasn't random. Got to disc3 - Black Sabbath Paranoid. Time to sit still.... War Pigs never sounded so good...once I sat down, tunred it up a bit. . I'm gonna pull out the RS meter next week when I sit still... but XLS come ALIVE when I put the power to them... if I had to guess 10-12 more db...(well, I'm going -25 to -15 on my HK)

Man, I need to Ninja soon (looking to Encore Elite...missed the first batch)

Thursdays are so much fun!!!!:thumbsup::rock: