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This is FiOS; This is Big

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  • This is FiOS; This is Big

    A $728 picture. The $2400 remedy to follow.
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    That looks like a telephone conduit that a contractor dug thru your sewer line to install. Just my guess since I do underground utilities and have seen it numerous times. Oh and if it is your sewer line, the contractor who installed the fiber optic conduit it is responsible for fixing it by law.


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      Colordo state law requires giving at least 48 hours notice to a 'one call center' of your intentions to dig. Each affected utility must locate with 18" laterally, no depth requirements.


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        Originally posted by TooManyToys
        A $728 picture. The $2400 remedy to follow.
        So, you're saying that your internet service went down the toilet? :scratchchin:


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          Originally posted by dumpy
          So, you're saying that your internet service went down the toilet? :scratchchin:
          That's some ****ty service :D
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            This discussion is taking Adult "Swim" to a hole [sic] new level. ;)
            Sent to my room. :smoke1:


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              Looks way too clean to be a sewer line?


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                So it's not a colonoscopy picture... :woo:


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                  Originally posted by Skiman
                  Colordo state law requires giving at least 48 hours notice to a 'one call center' of your intentions to dig. Each affected utility must locate with 18" laterally, no depth requirements.
                  Thats DigSafe and IIRC all 50 states require it. Once you call DigSafe the Utilities have 72 hours to locate and mark their pipes. If that was done with a mini excavator or a backhoe then the "operator" does not need to be operating equipment because he should have felt that. If it was done with a Ditchwitch (think of a really big chainsaw that digs thru the earth) then they should have seen the pieces of plastic. Either way totally unacceptable.


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                    I figured I’d give you guys a while to play detective. Here is our, and the rest of the story.

                    Back in January for the first time in owning this home for 24 years we had our sewer line clog. It happened when we had our daughter and her family of four staying here at our empty nest. OK it happens and our 5 yo granddaughter just flushed a copious amount of TP. Ran to HD and rented the power snake to deal with it.

                    Then in Feb it happened again. I‘m unemployed so maybe I didn’t do a good job playing plumber and we now have more use of the sewer now that one of us is not working. Did the HD rental again, but noticed how far out I had to snake, which was right about where a FiOS conduit was put in last summer.

                    Jump to yesterday and it happened again. Three strikes in three months and the details of the rest of the story didn’t take a great detective. So it was time to hire a plumber and document if I had a root or conduit problem. So yeah that is Sch 40 being pierced by a horizontal drill with the fiber optic conduit left in its path. They drilled from the right shattering the plastic leaving the sharp edge dragged to the left side.

                    And no we are not vegetarians, but the pipe has now been power snaked three times lately.

                    Last summer Verizon gave notice they were installing FiOS in the hood for our betterment. The survey company went nuts marking everyone’s lawn with the exception of the sewer lines, which would be hard due to it’s all Sch 40. I was at home for a half day when the guy did this and he was concentrating on his cell phone discussion while walking around with his detector. I’m the original owner of this house and was here often when it was being constructed so I know the layout. I know he was a little sloppy on our natural gas line, and I remember when Comcast put in their line there was a lot of damage.

                    A couple days later I came home after work at about 4:00 and in the beginning of our row of 28 homes there is a group of homeowners around with a few contractors, and a NJ Natural Gas service truck. I drive by and down to my house where they are just about to continue drilling. I’m a little nervous about how they are running the horizontal drill over my stamped concrete driveway, so I’m on the front stoop while they drill across my front yard to my neighbor and there is this loud pop. Like teamwork, my neighbors start coming out of their homes are they start yelling to each other if the electricity is out. The guy running the drill yells to his fellow workers that it wasn’t him, as the warning detector never went off. They did two more houses and called it a day.

                    Total carnage for the day: Up at the start of the street the crowd was there because earlier they pieced an electric feed line and a natural gas line. The police evacuated the surrounding houses. By my house, they severed my neighbor’s underground electric feed, which then blew the transformer on my neighbors yard across the street, and had done the same up the street with another transformer as well. My neighbor Abby has three young children including a 6 month old and with the severed line she only had one phase feeding in. So JCP&L had to put in some type of phase converter so she could get 220 for here AC during the hot August days.

                    A month later Abby is having her front yard dug up due to a sewer issue and found the sewer line center pierced by the FiOS conduit. I also notice two other neighbors this winter had a large amount of ice buildup at their curb, so I guess their sewer line is damaged in some way, maybe not to the point of an obstruction. You can’t hit a bulls eye every time.

                    So guys, even the big boys can screw up big time even with all the markings.


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                      Whoa!!...that's a little more than a screw up. That's an uber **** up.:tanks alot:

                      But just think how fast your internet will be.....
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