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  • '09 TCA Fantasy Baseball....

    Sorry for the new thread, but the other thread wasn't getting any new views.

    This is an effort to see if there is any interest at all of folks on this forum joining the first TCA Clubhouse Fantasy Baseball League. So far, there has been very little interest. We have a total of four teams. Myself (the CC Creampuffs), a regular player in all of the AV123 fantasy leagues (Firehawks) and two.... count 'em TWO TCA forum members so far.

    I've set the league up for ten teams. I'll run with eight. Any less than that, and it's just not really worth it. As of right now, I will email other players from other regular leagues I'm in to see if they want to pick up another league. If this thread and those invites don't turn up any interest.... I'll probably shut the league down.

    I could take the league public and Yahoo will most certainly fill the league by assigning those who don't sign up for a private league, but you never really know what you're gonna get in a situation like that. You have guys who sign up for multiple leagues, and then only play in the ones where the best teams were drafted and just never show back up in the ones where they don't like the teams. I really don't want to do that because having owners who never set their line ups is no fun either.

    So, in one last effort to invite TCA members.... go to:
    Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. Create or join a MLB league and manage your team with live scoring, stats, scouting reports, news, and expert advice.

    Click on the BLUE "Join a League" button (NOT the yellow one).
    Next, click on the BLUE "Join Custom" button.
    Enter the league ID: 187100
    Enter the password: strikezone
    Enter your team information and you're done.

    You should also check your browser to see if it accepts the Live Draft Jave applet. There is a link to click on to check it.

    Our LIVE draft is scheduled for next Saturday evening at 10:00 PM EDT. If you can't make the LIVE draft.... You can pre rank your players and the draft will pick your team based on your rankings and the players available when your turn comes up. Or you can let YAHOO draft your team for you based again on THEIR ranking of players and the available list when your turn comes up.

    Is there any interest at all from members of this board?
    John W.