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    Anybody have any thoughts on this.

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    It is a very long, tedious read. So, it must be true. :scratchchin: :raspberry:

    Well, I guess I believe
    ! Even with a modest budget system, I adhere to the findings!!:D


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      I didn't say I read it, I just looked at the big pictures. Really, I did. Only read the headlines and maybe a few sentences, then I got bored.


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        Yeah, this is how it works... Everything is a trade-off. There's no "free lunch". This is why I replaced my "bigfoot" center with an RS1000 :D


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          I've had several configurations with horizontal centers, and a couple with identical towers across the front. I definitely prefer having all 3 be the same model.
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            I'm sure it's true, but in the real world not many of us can do it, especially if our HT is a multi-purpose room. I drop down an electric AT projector screen in front of my 52" LCD, so I need a center channel that won't get in the way of my TV. My X-Voce sounds really good, and matches up very well with my LS-6's. I think the open baffle design lessens some of the problems mentioned in the articles. It's nice to know what the ideal setup is, but then we have to make it all work in our own situations, and usually "ideal" takes a back seat to "doable".


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              I had never heard that arranging the middle drivers either above or below the two speakers on the outside improved the horizontal imaging. That was interesting. Also shouldn't the comb filtering effects diminish as seating distance increases?

              I would love to have a matching set across the front stage. I just don't really see a way of doing that with towers unless you use FP with a transparent screen. So bigfoot will have to do for now.
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