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Damn you UPS

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  • Damn you UPS

    I bought mlbrand's Ebony Rockets for my brother in law and they were delivered today. Multiple holes punched in the boxes, one corner of the top cap busted, mars on the speakers, snapped grill pegs. These were shipped double boxed in the original boxes. HOW could they do it??? *sigh*

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    That sucks. I was real close to buying them for myself and passed on the deal. I was concerned about the cost to ship them to NJ. Those are beautiful speakers and its like destroying artwork.

    I hope UPS covers your damage. Were you home when they delivered so you could show the Driver the damage before he split?


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      Man, that does suck! I was really looking at those myself before I pulled the trigger on the MFW and X-Statiks. Can't believe UPS busted them up that bad. I certainly hope you can get some kind of restitution because like Putz said, the ebony's are a work of art.
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        Agreed, I LOVED my Ebony and was very sad to see them go. The 450's and Bigfoot (that I had) looked awesome so I'm really sorry!


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          Some pics
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            More pics. And the UPS guy ran as fast as he could. The first one here is hard to see, but it's one area that got scratched and cracked when they punched through the box.
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              Not that this helps at this point, but...

              Particularly for those of you who don't have a business account with UPS, I'd suggest looking more closely at FedEx. Often they're very close and sometimes cheaper. They certainly aren't immune to killing items, but you do tend to have a better odds with packages >70 lbs.


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                mp, sorry to read your experience and the marring of a nice set of speakers.

                I had a similar UPS experience when I purchased my Outlaw amp. It looked like a forklift drove one of its forks through the side of the double boxed amp. When I got the amp out of the packaging, I found that the back of the amp was partially caved in (about 1.5") and I couldn't connect to one of the terminals. I took pictures of the boxes and amp and sent them to Outlaw so they could verify the UPS damage--I wouldn't doubt that they were used for a claim against UPS.

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                  As someone who works in shipping & receiving I can say professionally that UPS sucks bigtime. I'm continuously shocked by the condition of some of the packages I receive. And I'm talking about business to business shipping which they tend to take better care of. (That is if they want to keep an account) Still, it happens more than it should.

                  Fedex is WAY more reliable and I can't even recall in the last 5 years any package being destroyed in shipment. I know it can and does happen as I've heard of it. But UPS is absolutely horrible in its regularity of shipping disasters. And Fedex Ground is very competitive with pricing compared to UPS.


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                    Sorry to see the damage.

                    If you haven't already done so at the time of accepting the delivery, please call them back immediately and report the damage. I believe they have a 24 hour deadline for reporting any shipping damage.

                    When you call them, make sure you have a case number and record the name of representative who you talk to and the exact time. This would be helpful in retrieving a case that gets conveniently "lost" in the system.

                    I have had a positive experience with FedEx so far.


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                      Damn, that just sucks. A few months ago I won some Ascend 340s off ebay. Seller was in Canada so shipping (Purolater) was expensive but the price was still right. Seller insured. Boxes came and The driver on one had completely disconnected itself from the magnet and was rattling around inside the cabinet.
                      Seller opened a claim and gave me my money back to paypal they sent him his dough 2 days later. They never came back to pick up the damaged speaker. When I tried to get in touch they did not care since I was not the one I opened who opened the claim.

                      Two weeks later I called Dave at Ascend ( after discussing the damage and looking at the picts he concluded a midwoofer should fix it) and got a new mid woofer for $56.
                      So after three days of shear terror, turned into a complete refund, and then two weeks later I got a front pair of perfectly working 340 SE.
                      There is always a silver lining in the darkest cloud. Hope it works out.
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