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  • Hello TCA Fellas

    I am new here and can't think of a name for my NICK so I just stick with the name of the company that I love. I have not been online for awhile. Why did AV123's forum closed?
    ILA :dancer:

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    Yeah welcome to TCA. Hopefully Mark will get his **** together an av123 will open back up March 1st. I am 1/2 though a good Pedilla and a brandy so right now I don't give a ****. :assshake:


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      Yeah, I can't wait for it to open up again either. I love AV123 so much, I can't wait to get a hold of the President on the phone or better in person :)


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        Welcome ILA... Lots of information about av123 and the issues surrounding the forum's closing as well as people posting about outstanding issues: money owed, QC problems, product delivery issues etc.

        Craig has put some limits on what can be posted about their situation so perhaps a search around here will yield better results.

        I know there are posts by people like Madpoet and Uncle Paul, so maybe search on their posts first.