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  • Greetings

    Oh, Hello
    I wasn't expecting you...
    My name is Mike and welcome to my home. Take a seat in one of the random chairs I grabbed from one of the rooms around the house. Don't mind the floral drapes. The Mrs. hung them so we will just need to deal with them as we listen to music or watch one of the movies from my fine blueray selection. Would you care for a drink? Let me grab you a brew, go ahead...take a seat and relax. I will be right back with that.:grinning:

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    Great looking room ... tell da missus that the drapes pull it all together. :huge:


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      Very nice looking setup indeed! Is the finish on your xstatic's & xvoce moho natural ? Also how do you like the static's & voce ? Are they as good for music as h/t? I may be considering either rocket's or static's & I am torn as to which way to go! :scratchchin: A friend just got 450's , & for the entry level rocket floorstander, I would have to say they are very impressive! I've also read quite a lot of rave review's on the xstatics. I'm probably going to be happy either way ,but I like to have too much info vs. not enough before I decide! :crazy:
      music soothes my soul :goodvibes:.having good sound is my passion !:D


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        how big is that tv and what stand is that? im looking for something similar..


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          I I haven't messed around at all with placement yet. As you can see on the floor I have been listening to those two amps to see which gets to stay. But, so far I really like they statiks. Everything is in Moho. It is a fantastic finish. I like the lighter color wood. Unless someone wants to bring their rockets over I can't really compare the two for you guys. Luis told me that as far as SQ goes he would put the statiks against his 850's.

          For HT these guys are awesome. Unfortunately since I swapped the ELT's out for the X series I haven't even watched a movie. The amps made it in that week, so I have been listening to music rather contantly. On a side note with good amplification I do not feel the incling for a sub with the statics as I did with the receiver doing the dirty work.

          As far as the TV and stand go.
          The TV is a sony 46" KDL-46V4100. Good price at BB right now. That's the price I got it at 6 months ago on a big sale which made the difference between that and the z series. Sure the Z series is rediculously awesome, but for the $800 differance I had to go with the v series and am very happy with it.

          The stand is from Whalen furniture. Model number is BBXLF50GB. It is a neat little stand. It comes with the parts to have it without the pole holding the TV up if you want it sitting directly on the top shelve. It also supplies the parts to wall mount the TV with the stand below it. I will be doing that when I get a permanent location for the T.V., but it's doing a fine job as is. The biggest selling point was 3 shelves, and the top shelf could fit the voce. Don't let measurements fool you. This thing is rediculously large. My friends all notice that first thing.


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            Originally posted by craigsub
            Great looking room ... tell da missus that the drapes pull it all together. :huge:
            Hey thanks Craig, I will definitely pass that along. At least the dogs ruined (ate) the matching couch :crazy: