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  • Hi all!!

    New to the forum/site. I actually just found out about the Chane speaker line while researching to put together a home system (HT and Music). I've heard nothing but awesome things about these speakers so I decided to give them a try. Unfortunately, the setup that was recommended has been put on hold due the A2.4 being out of stock. I'm still considering grabbing at least one pair of the A1.4's for now to pair up with a SVS PB12 Plus and a Denon X3300W. We'll see how that goes, and hopefully the A2's return so I can complete my setup.

    If anyone has any advice on where I'm headed so far I would greatly appreciate it.


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    I'm currently using a pair of Chane A5rx-c with a PSA-XV15 for a 2.1 music listening. It sound pretty awesome. I think you should be fine with the A1.4's and the SVS sub.


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      Welcome to the forum, I run my A5rx-c's with an SVS PB 13-U and love them! You wont have any problem except deciding what to listen to next.

      You can check out another review here:

      Great reading!


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        Thanks for the replies. I think I am going to pull the trigger on a pair of A1's. I'm still in that confused state of the unknowing. Mainly because I haven't heard any of the speakers that I'm considering. All I have to go on is other people's opinions of what their ears are hearing. I particularly would like to have something that is easy on the ears (fatigue) when listening at higher volumes, but I still would like them to work well with movies and have a nice soundstage. Is this what I'm truly getting with the Chane brand?
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          Truly, that's exactly what you are getting! Enjoy.


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            Originally posted by Quenten View Post
            Truly, that's exactly what you are getting! Enjoy.

            Thanks for the reply!