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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Steve and I am completely new to the audio world. After doing some research, I decided that I wanted a 3.0 system with two A5rx-c's and a A2RX-c for the center (I have been patiently waiting for release). After reading around the forums today I am beginning to change my stance to two Theater Tens and an M-1 center and the VS18.1 sub. The system will be used primarily for Tv/Movies/Gaming.

    I would like to know your guys opinion as I will be moving to a townhouse next month and the entertainment room will be 16x18. I am concerned that a sub will produce too much bass and get noise complaints even at low levels. The bass concern is the reason why I was considering the 3.0 setup. Also, the entertainment room is on the ground floor but shares two side walls.

    In your opinion, am I better off getting the Arx setup or the Theater Ten setup.

    Thank you,
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    I would suggest if you're more into music than movies, the ARX would be a better option and less intrusive to neighbors without the VS-18.1. But the latter point is pretty much dependent on what volume level you enjoy listening to.

    Either choice can be enjoyed equally with music or movies, because both are great systems with excellent sound quality along with extended dynamic capability. I would have to show my bias though for the HT setup since that's where I get most of my enjoyment. But, you'd have to be a bit more careful since bass is known for passing through walls more efficiently. It's helpful that being passive, the sub has it's own volume control separate from the mains.


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      Thank you for the advice.


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        I think I have decided on the Theater 10 set-up. I feel more comfortable being able to shut off the bass when needed. Now I just need to explain to the S/O that I will be going over $1500 because of shipping, hopefully she will understand.


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          Congrats enjoy.

          I love how music can brighten up a bad day.