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New to the site and getting into debt with HT LOL!

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  • New to the site and getting into debt with HT LOL!

    Hello Guys,

    My name is Gustavo, but most of my friends call me Gus or GusGus. I'm a member of AVS Forum, Audioholics, Home Theater Shack, Home Theater Forum, Emotiva Forum, The Audio Insider and now Chase Home Theater.

    I started getting in to home theater about 5 years ago. I just recently sold my 7.2 set up, and bought a mid-tier 3.1 set up, which put me a little bit over my budget and under my wife's supervision :peeping:

    I've been looking for some inexpensive and yet good surround speakers, and someone from The Audio Insider recommended the M1's. After doing some research and reading many post, I decided to join the group.

    Almost forgot to post my current set up:
    Front Left / Right: Arx A3rx-c
    Center: Arx A2rx-c
    Sub: Power Sound Audio PSA-XV15

    The Arx should be here tomorrow, and the PSA...well, I haven't got a shipping email yet.

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    Welcome to the crew Gus!
    LCR: Gedlee Abbeys for LR and Nathan for Center Surround & rear 4 x Sho10's
    Subs: 4 x 18.2
    Electronics: Marantz SR7002, Acurus 200x3 (LCR), PS3, HTPC, CDP300, Mits HC1500, Elite Peregrine 2.35 156" Acousticpro4k


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      Hello and Welcome Gus! :D


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        Thanks guys. I just finished installing my 3.0 Arx set up, and it sounds amazing :D:woo:


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          M1's would work great. I have a pair in our shop and they perform great.


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            I never have tried using M1

            I think i'ts pretty good,as what i have heard over reviews.