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Just saying hello :)

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  • Just saying hello :)

    I might very soon be an owner of a pair of CHT subs... so I signed up and decided to say hello to all of you.

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    Hello and welcome! :)



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      Welcome to Chase! I think you'll find this place a lot friendlier, maybe not so crowded as AVS, and it might take a little longer to get a reply, but I think you'll get some honest answers here.

      Personally, I have the SS-18.2 which would have the exact same sound and output as the 18.T in two 20inch cubes rather than the single cabinet. It has the flexibility to be used in different locations for a smoothing out any potential peaks in your room. My .2 lays on it's side, but typically most have it standing tall. As far as size, the SS-18.2 and VS-18.1 are almost identical in size (the newer cabinets of the VS-18.1 have a double front baffle, and counter sunk driver, so they're a couple inches deeper.) Except at tuning where the VS has a slight edge, the SS have up to a 6dB more output, and could have more output below 20Hz depending on room gain.

      Enjoy reading up on all the latest threads here, and hope you enjoy your stay!


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        Welcome, crazyravr!


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          I posted a welcome in another thread, but there is nothing that says I can't say :Welcome: more than once. Besides. It's a sneaky way of increasing my post count. :cool2:


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            Well, crazyravr, you have "surprised" floridapoolboy with your decision to come to this forum, and consider buying one or two of these non-professionally vetted subs!

            I just wanted to warn you that further steps could be taken, you could be accused of taking a bribe from Craig, like MK was, or taking food or drink that had some donations to by Craig at multiple GTGs, or any of a number of ill judgments by the mob, the worst of which could be fan boy.

            Rest assured, that there is an overwhelming trend here of people buying these subs that seem happier with them than their previous setups. Enjoy the User Review Forums to see all the experiences.

            And ask/post questions anytime you feel - private messages to members always seem to be reciprocated. Craig is always willing to give honest info, and I hear enjoys a thorough conversation over the phone. The only unanswered questions are the ones not made.


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              The problem is getting the owner of this place OFF the phone. :eek:


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                Welcome! I take it you enjoyed your audition of the CHT subs? :applause:


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                  I myself want to get my hands on one of those stellar CHT subs but until then my Polk sub will suffice for now :)