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D-Box Seats at Theater in Omaha, NE

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  • D-Box Seats at Theater in Omaha, NE

    One of Omaha's theaters just installed 26 D-Box seats in one auditorium and 20 seats in another. I just purchased 4 tickets for May 24 to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3D and with the D-Box seats. The tickets were $17.25 each. I'll let you know how I like the seats.

    Theater seats pitch, roll and heave

    I'm going with 3 other guys from work. If anyone else wants to go you can get tickets for the 8:30 showing on May 24 at

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    I hope you have fun, but it sounds gimmicky.

    Wonder if they'll make a home version. :biglaugh:


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      The first movie to support D-BOX motion code was Fast & Furious released on April 3, 2009 (from Wikipedia). I should have gone to see Fast Five instead. It is also available that same night on D-Box.

      For all D-Box enthusiasts !


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        These have been available for the home for quite some time.
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          So far the reviews have been great. Hope you have a good time!

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            Originally posted by dguarnaccia
            These have been available for the home for quite some time.
            Wow, maybe I should get my nose out of 2 channel and more into HT? :whistle:


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              I went to the movie last night and enjoyed it. This was my first time to see a 3D movie. I liked the added depth but I didn't like the dimmer image and muted colors. Fast scenes are blurry and not sharp. If they can fix these issues I would like 3D, but currently I would rather see the higher quality 2D image.

              The D-Box seats were very comfortable to sit in. They had three levels available of intensity available. I kept it on max all the time. The chairs move and vibrate. I enjoyed the experience, but won't go back to the theater for just the seats. Sometimes the movements coincide with what you would experience as a spectator standing/sitting close to the action. Other times the movements coincide with what the main character is doing. I felt this was a little strange. The movements or shaking wasn't always synced with the action. You might feel a shake and then something would thud visually.

              I have had two Buttkickers mounted to my floor joists in the past. These provided a better tactile feel than the vibrating of the D-Box seat. The D-Box just seemed too artificial. Maybe I should have played with the intensity more.

              The theater had no bass whatsoever. I doubt it was reproducing much below 80 Hz. You felt with the seat when there was supposed to be bass, but didn't hear anything. I much prefer the effect that good quality bass can produce. This is why watching movies at home is so enjoyable. The deep bass really adds to the experience and does so in a more realistic way than the D-Box seats.