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Dane, you ok?

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  • Dane, you ok?

    Hey man, touch base with me. I know the mess is in Tuscaloosa but just wanted to make sure you're ok....
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    I have some friends in Huntsville who are still without power and getting intermittent cell phone service - Dane could be in similar shape...


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      I don't think he was affected but when I met him and a few others at a GTG, I just wanted to make sure he and a few others was ok. I know some of the guys I met had kids that went to UA. Thanks
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      Authorized Acurus, Aragon, Bryston, Denon, Marantz, Pro-Ject Dealer...and a bunch more


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        A lot of Huntsville is without power. Here is a link with some info on Huntsville.

        The death toll is up to 8, and at least 82 injuries have been reported in the county, according to Harvest Fire Chief Ken Westwick. At least 50 people, most in critical condition, were taken to Huntsville Hospital when 6 tornadoes ripped through the county Wednesday.


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          And lots of photos from Huntsville.


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            Wow! :eek:
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              Wow, it's been a while, huh? No, I'm not just now getting power. :)

              To be completely honest, I was put on a ~6-month project this past spring that was the most stressful project I've had to-date in my entire career. In the end it was a massive and sweeping success, I met (and exceeded) all objectives and goals for the (research) project, and I think everyone was extremely pleased. But boy, it took a lot out of me. Everybody suffered, including my family life. :( I've been out from under that rock for about a month now, and am just now starting to get back on various forums that I just had to abandon during that stressful time.

              That said, if anyone ever wants to PM me, at least I get an email notification for PMs! :)

              We're all fine, we actually weren't touched by the storm at all. Lots of folks were though, and many of my friends were. But my immediate family had no issues at all aside from loss of power for a week or so.

              Things are still quite busy, but I actually have time to breath at least. One of my UFW-10's has FINALLY started humming (original 2003 amp), though it may be a loose wire inside (one of the RCA inputs no longer works). I've emailed sandbagger about it but also need to pull the amp and check for a dangly wire.

              How is everybody else? It's so refreshing to come back here and see so many familiar faces still around.

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