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A sad day for the av123 family....

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  • A sad day for the av123 family....

    As you all now know the news for av123 doesn't look good. We at ask you to keep Mark and his family in your prayers whether he is guilty or not. He does have a family...please feel free to express your feelings on the live chat. Talk to the friends you have known for a long time in real time. Go to go to and log into the chat box for a live discussion....

    My heart is really hurting right know. Mark was a very personal guy...but he was human and we all fall at one time. He had enemies and wasn't perfect but it's out of his hands now.

    Peace to all...

    Robert "mobileusa" Meeks
    Owner -
    Authorized Acurus, Aragon, Bryston, Denon, Marantz, Pro-Ject Dealer...and a bunch more

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    I'm feelin your pain.

    I've only spoken to Mark twice and both times we really got on. I hope he makes peace with those he has wronged and the law.

    I really wish him the best.



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      I've met Mark once - a very likeable fellow in person.

      I won 2 of the raffles, one being a complete Rocket setup. They sound great still, but I just don't know if I can keep them anymore.

      Too sad all around........
      There's a fine line between gardening and Madness.
      -Cliff Clavin