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    My seven year old daughter, nine year old son, and I assembled my daughter's new computer. Jake got to put the thermal paste on the CPU and Ivy helped install various components and she readily talks about the motherboard now. :eyebrows:

    Great family fun. :snaggletooth:

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    cool, I've enjoyed building a few computers. glad you got the kids started early!

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    My Home and HT Build Thread


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      Everybody involved wore an ESD strap right? ;)
      Jeremy Gillow
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        Originally posted by jvgillow
        Everybody involved wore an ESD strap right? ;)
        I was just going to make a comment about that, but we aren't in adult swim. :)

        No, I touch a large chunk of metal like the power supply to discharge any static electricity and taught them the same technique. I have never seen a pc tech wearing an ESD strap, but I have seen my Aunt wear one. :D