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FS: Marantz SR6005 7.1 channel AV Receiver

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  • FS: Marantz SR6005 7.1 channel AV Receiver

    Sold: Marantz SR6005 7.1 channel AV Receiver

    I am the original owner. Purchased this AV receiver new,
    approximately 4 yrs. ago. Used in a smoke, pet and child
    free house. Selling because I am going back to a seperate
    pre/pro and multichannel amplifier setup.

    Reference links to the Marantz SR6005 webpage:

    User Manual

    Couple things to note... Almost immediately after buying
    the Marantz I sold off two of my Onyx RS750 sig. speakers.
    So I was using this in a 3.1 configuration. Then I sold off my
    Onyx RS250C speaker and have been using the Marantz
    in a 2.1 configuration for about the last 2 1/2 yrs. So the
    center, L & R surround channels have had minimal usage
    and the L & R rear channels have had no usage.

    *Edit: Would also like to add that the video processor of
    this AV receiver has never been used. This is because my
    previous LCD screen and now projector takes the video
    input directly from the NVidia 760 graphics card in the
    home theater computer. Only the audio capabilities of
    the receiver have been utilized.

    The other thing is that I was going to (but have not) use the 2
    LFE outputs into a pro amplifier (Behringer iNuke6000 DSP)
    to power two DIY 18" subwoofers (not yet built). So I had called
    Marantz Tech Support on a Wednesday, 11/13/2013 to inquire
    about the voltage of the two LFE outputs. They stated that
    "the output voltage of the two LFE outputs is between 1.2 - 2.1
    vrms depending on the frequency of the signal.
    ". This is
    important info to know for those of you using pro amplifiers
    to power your passive subwoofers.

    Included are the original packaging and box, user manual,
    power cord, remote control unit (RC011SR), Setup microphone
    (ACM1H), R03/AAA batteries, AM loop antenna, FM indoor antenna.
    The batteries, setup microphone and two antennas are unused.

    The Marantz SR6005 appears to be blemish free. I do not see
    any dents, dings, scratches, etc... anywhere on the finish.

    Sold: The price is $300.00 USD Shipped to CONUS. I pay the
    actual shipping charges, insurance and signature confirmation of
    delivery. Payment may be made by USPS money order or PayPal.
    (Buyer would still pay the PayPal fees if applicable) 'Personal Checks'
    are accepted, but item will not ship until the check clears at the bank.
    I will ship via USPS or FedEx only. [s]Please use the information and
    links below to give an accurate estimate of the total cost.[/s]

    If you would like to purchase or have questions, please send
    me a PM. For feedback on me as a seller / buyer... please do
    a search using the terms 'For Sale', 'FS' and 'Sold' with the
    username 'Oscillate' on all of the's Trading
    Post subforums.

    The original factory shipping box has been reenforced with
    gratuitous amounts of shipping tape is taunt and secure.

    [s]Parcel ships from zipcode: 43082
    Parcel weight: 32 lbs. 12 oz.
    Parcel dimensions: 10" x 21" x 21"

    ...Thanks for looking :)
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    Price lowered. If the current price seems too high
    please feel free to make a *reasonable offer. Local
    pickup or meeting half-way (distance negotiable) is
    available if you wish to save even a little more by
    negating my shipping costs.
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