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A5rx-c (2) and A2rx-c (1) for sale

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  • A5rx-c (2) and A2rx-c (1) for sale

    I've decided not to keep the Chanes. I still have 30 days on the towers, so you can get the pre-order price and save shipping cost. These are essentially brand new speakers for a significant savings. Purchased new from chane earlier this year. Chane invoice will be included.

    two A5rx-c towers in original condition: $379 each (-15%) -> $644 total. Sold only as a pair
    one A2rx-v center in original condition: $229

    i will have to pay a restocking fee :-(, so I'll pass that savings onto you! I didn't see the restocking fee in the group buy terms. bummer for me.

    Buyer pays paypal fees or sends as a gift. I will pay shipping in CONUS. I'm AllanMarcus on Head-fi and allan_marcus on ebay if you want to see my perfect trading record.

    No trades or other barter.

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    Why are you selling? I just sold my 5.0 Arx set up.


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      Originally posted by GFOviedo View Post
      Why are you selling? I just sold my 5.0 Arx set up.
      I'm not sure the I like the warmer sound of the Chanes. I don't think my speakers are fully broken in, so I'm working on that. I'm also out of town for a week, starting tomorrow, but I was running up against my 30 days. Jon is being really nice. My wife actually prefers the Chanes, but I listen to way more music than she does.

      I may end up keeping them; I'm not sure. This is really more of an interest check. I'm leaning toward selling or returning them.


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        My wife an I listen to music a lot more than watching movies. Since the start I wanted to get the A5, but ended up with the A3's because it was unknown when the A5's were going to be available. You have a nice offer for them, and I'm tempted to buy the A5's from you, but I'm not really sure I want to do that.

        I I need to pay off some credit cards, and I've been itching to try the PSA speakers as well. They are one of the few companies who use USA parts and are built in the USA. I like companies who do that.