I have for sale a pair of ACI Emerald Monitor speakers in cherry wood veneer. They feature a 5-1/4" shielded Vifa woofer and a 1" shielded Vifa tweeter in a .3 cu-ft cabinet with a slot loaded rear vent. The crossover is 1st order low pass and 2nd order high pass with upgraded Gen. 1 Sonicap capacitors. Cabinet finish has some cosmetic issues but otherwise in very good condition. These speakers have a very smooth, natural sound quality with excellent imaging and depth. Selling the pair for $150.00 plus FedEx shipping from zip code 23662.

Attached is a Web-Link to a test review on the Emeralds that was done back in 2001 by Audio Review. The Emeralds are very nice sounding speakers for their size but need a subwoofer to extend the low bass range.

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