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FS : Definitive Technology BPX's 4 of em!

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  • FS : Definitive Technology BPX's 4 of em!

    I've got 4 of these I need to sell.

    They all function fine, they all look really good also overall. No tears whatsoever in any of the coverings for the speakers. 1 of the bottom end caps on 1 of em has a very minor paint chip, another 1 has a slightly bigger paint chip.

    The one that has the slightly bigger paint chip also has some very light scratches on the tops of the end caps.

    Most of this stuff on all of them is not noticeable from more than a couple of feet away if at all unless you happen to look right at that spot. I suppose it might be possible to touch up the paint caps on the 2 that have the small paint chips on.

    Other than those minor things, they are all in excellent condition otherwise.

    These are very rare and hardly ever come up for sale. This might be your last chance in a long time to buy these things!!!

    I can work out a package deal, or sell em individually.

    For now I'll just say $300 each plus shipping. The one that has the light scratches on the top I'll say $250 for now plus shipping.

    I've sold quite a few HT type stuff and other things on ebay under the username yadfgp36.

    Payment via paypal.

    Thanks guys! :D

    Pics can be found here...

    These are awesome sounding surround sound speakers.

    Link to product page...

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    Decided not to part with these, instead I need to buy 1 from someone. :biglaugh: