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FS: SVS 20-39PCi

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  • FS: SVS 20-39PCi

    I'm sadly letting go of my SVS 20-39PCi subwoofer, it has served me well with the 12" ported 20 Hz tuning 325W Bash amp single owner system purchased in 2006.

    It's in nearly new condition, I still have the original box, manual and packing, but can't close the flaps, maybe the foam pads have expanded? With original $100 shipping charge, it would be much worth while to sell it locally.

    Anyway, I'd be willing to let it go for $250 firm with pickup, or maybe half way to the buyer.

    If interested, here are some user reviews.

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    I'd like to sweeten the pot. Anyone that picks up the sub at this price will get a Feedback Destroyer Pro DSP1124p 2 channel parametric equalizer, and a Midisport Uno device that will send all EQ commands from REW and computer to the DSP1124p with one button push, no fiddling with knobs and switches on the equalizer itself.

    So just take a measurement with REW and it will tame the peaks and add boost to the nulls of your room and sub with a couple button clicks adding a room curve if you desire. Almost a push button approach and fully adjustable to what you wish.

    All three items retailed for $800, so, this is a deal to consider.