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    The Audio Insider is Chane's special projects brand and channel. It revives our old brand name and uses it just as you'd expect: to promote special deals on special offerings. It makes you an audio insider.

    Given that it's a Chane product channel, expect high performance audio, built right. We've reserved TAI for unusual, limited-run items that meet our high standards. As we're offered these opportunities our designers and engineers move into action and bring superb loudspeaker value to Chane customers.

    Current offerings

    HiVi/Swan X3. A high-end small powered desktop speaker. All aluminum case, excellent sound quality. A fraction of MSRP.

    HiVi/Swan H5. Top 5.25"-based powered 2-way for desk, studio, or powered multichannel. Beautiful cabinets and style, top Swan sound.

    TAI 10" Powered Subwoofer. Featuring design and components from a former major high-end brand comes a potent 10" powered subwoofer in satin black paint. Less than $200 for what had been about a $1000 subwoofer. Not many left.

    From that same brand's final inventory comes the high performance XSG-LCR7, a reissue of the famed model designed by the inventor of the MTM array speaker and engineered by the original team. It's premium quality in every way and offered for a fraction of the original price.

    Two hORNS models from Auto-Tech round out TAI's current offerings. Chane has a pair of each and are letting them go, including state-of-the-art stands, for substantially below even wholesale cost. Absolutely superb values on simply superb loudspeakers. Optional all-Chane crossover networks and tuning for absolute top sound from these very high-grade platforms.

    Bookmark the TAI channel and check back monthly for more specials. Subscribe to the Chane newsletter for announcements sent to your inbox. Chane is currently planning a pair of high performance, furniture grade fullrange speakers and a variety of powered bass systems for 2021 and beyond. Stay tuned!

    (All TAI products are covered by a one year product warranty. While sales at these very low prices are final, returns are available for a 15% restock fee, shipping not included.)