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    I know that many companies do a 10" sub with a passive 12", is there any reason that nobody seems to do a 12" with a passive 15"? Or am I just not looking hard enough? Or is it just better to do a single 15? I know that you have the Scamp, the Sasquatch, and the Pinache sub in the works, but just wondering if something like that would ever be a possibility?
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    There are a few companies doing that. Legacy Audio has the Metro, while Goldenear has the ForceField 5.

    In the audio world trends come and go; PR's are in vogue for a while and then they're not. They have benefits and drawbacks, like everything else really. Think of them like a bass reflex design, only with no port chuffing. Conventional wisdom is that the PR has to be no less than equal in size to the active driver, otherwise SQ issues will result.

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