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  • Excited!!!

    Hello Everyone,
    I spoke with Craig today (always a pleasure) and ordered 4 SBE-118's and a MQ-600 amp.
    These are to compliment my existing SS18.2's and a MQ-600 amp that I already own.
    He said I will be floored with how all these sound working together.
    I have a Denon AVR-4520ci with Audyssey XT32 (as well as several Emotiva Amps).
    I'm hoping the room correction will work well integrating all the subs to work with my existing 11.2 system.
    Craig said he should be able to ship these out next week.
    Thanks to all that have given me advice on this forum. I'll let you all know when they arrive!


    P.S. I'm putting these around the back half of my A/V room. How do i connect the speaker wires from
    my new MQ-600 to my new subs? There are only 2 sets of speaker terminals on the back of the amp.
    Do i hook up 2 subs, both + and - to each channel? I mean 2 wires for each terminal?

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    Can't wait to hear your impression, Brian.

    I think this should be an epic win! And yes, run wires in parallel, both speaker + to amp +, and both - to amp -.
    You'll probably use the second SW out on the receiver for the second amp, too. This will help with setting delay between front subs and rear subs. Oh, man - (8) 18" drivers! That should be awesome.

    And, have a very Merry Christmas!!!


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      Wow, that is gonna put a smile on your face my friend. Enjoy!
      LCR: Gedlee Abbeys for LR and Nathan for Center Surround & rear 4 x Sho10's
      Subs: 4 x 18.2
      Electronics: Marantz SR7002, Acurus 200x3 (LCR), PS3, HTPC, CDP300, Mits HC1500, Elite Peregrine 2.35 156" Acousticpro4k


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        I spoke with Craig today and they put an additional coat on all my subs because they weren't pleased with the "final" finish. All four SBE's and my MQ-600 are shipping on Thursday! Yay! Can't wait to see how they sound with my current subs!
        Blessings, Brian


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          Congrats awesome news

          I love how music can brighten up a bad day.