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SMS-1 Type Equipment That Plots Higher SPL

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  • SMS-1 Type Equipment That Plots Higher SPL

    Anyone know of a similar piece of equipment to the SMS-1 that can plot frequency response at much higher SPL? SMS goes to 87db. Was looking for something that can plot up to 120db.

    Again, something similar to the SMS-1. Not looking for gadgets that hook up to laptops, that need special cards with special software.

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    The simplest would be to try the Dayton OmniMic.

    My preference would be REW with the miniDSP UMIK-1. That would be considerably cheaper with free software and as capable. It has built in sound card, so, much simpler to set up than some of the other microphones.

    Not sure why you want to measure at that volume. You better also check for distortion at those levels. What's your sub setup? Note also that both of these methods are for analysis only, no equalization included as is the SMS-1.

    As to a previous post - the WAF-1 has been sold out for a couple years. There are better options for a theater if you check out the Chane home product pages.