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Using the Behringer MIC2200 as strictly an HPF help

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  • Using the Behringer MIC2200 as strictly an HPF help

    I've decided to add a subsonic filter for my four VS18.1's.

    I have no interest at least currently in using anything else on the MIC2200. So the tuning for the VS18.1 is 19hz right?

    This sounds like it should be easy to do but I just thought I'd ask for help just because I'm a pretty proactive guy.

    My MIC2200's coming in tomorrow. Looking at the manual and pics of the MIC2200, I'm thinking all I really need to do is have LO/CUT set to "ON"

    Maybe set the HZ Frequency knob set to 19?

    What else do I adjust?

    Octave bandwidth knob?

    DB_Level EQ knob?

    Output knob?

    Here's a pic of the MIC2200 for reference...

    Thanks in advance. :salute:
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    I've been reading the owners manual for the MIC2200, and it looks to me as though the only thing I need to mess with on the settings to have a subsonic filter is to just have the LO CUT switch activated. It appears to me at least, as though all the other settings on the front just have to do with EQ. I have no desire to add anymore EQ, so I have no need at least now for this feature.

    Seems simple enough? Just have the LO CUT activated and set the frequency for that at say around 19hz I guess?

    I guess that's it? :confused: :peeping:

    Also one more silly question. I want to have the MIC2200 hooked up as follows right?

    From the AVR to the MIC2200 input, and output from the MIC2200 to my MQ600 amp right? So just leave everything as already is, just hook up the MIC2200 between the AVR and the MQ600 amp?

    Thanks in advance! :cool:


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      Hey Boober, just curious if you measured your room since you stated you did not want to eq anything. With any subs freq responce being tied to the room, and having that unit....and with in room extension, it should play well below 19 Hz easily. Just curious.
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        Hi Quenten :)

        I've measured it without running software and just using test tones. I'm actually very fortunate to get a very flat response all the way down to as low as around 16HZ. No noticeable peaks or nulls all the way up and down.

        My main problem though is my entire HT area is a great room that opens up to a kitchen and a dining room, with a couple of hallways as well. I'd say the area's a good 11,000 cubic feet or so. I've never bottomed my subs out, but I have always worried about it possibly happening though.

        My thinking behind the HPF is to just play it safe for one thing for added protection for my subs below their tuning point. And also I'd like to be able to have a bit more output in the 20hz on up range. I don't think I can turn up my subs much more without the fear of bottoming them out down below their tuning point.

        I'd considered adding 2 more VS18.1's but I thought I'd see how it goes adding the MIC2200.

        Thanks alot for your response. If you have any suggestions I'd really like hear em. :salute:


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          I have the same spacial problem as my living room opens into the entire house (3500 sq ft). You can run them a little hot, but I feel your pain. I would get Craigs advice on how hot to run them. Then just turn up the receiver till happy! I opted not to run mine hot, just more volume control & I'm happy. Can't wait to move it into my "almost finished" room. I'll be able to pressurize in there!


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            Boober - The only change I would make is I would set the filter to 15 Hz, if that's available - the frequency selected will put a 3 dB cut at that frequency, with the "X" dB per octave below that point. 15 Hz will be about the ideal setting for protecting your subs without cutting anything above 17 Hz.