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sub cables??

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  • sub cables??

    I am building out my home theater and can't decide what is the better option.

    My 18.2 sub will be 25' from the receiver. Is it better to place the amp near the sub's and run a long sub cable or leave the amp near the receiver and run long speaker wires to it?

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    I had more problems with low level shielded connections (rca cables) picking up noise and hum from long distances than high level power connections - speaker wire of at least 12 ga.


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      My MQ600 is 40' away from where my 2 18.2's are located and I use 10GA speaker wire (from Blue Jeans Cables) for the run and I don't have any issues with it.

      I had initially used just your basic RCA cable for the run and had the amp located right next to the subs, but I was getting hum and that disappeared completely after switching to the 10GA speaker cables.