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Pictures of the back I/O of the SUB-1?

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  • Pictures of the back I/O of the SUB-1?

    Hey guys are there any pics of the back of the SUB-1? I'm wondering if is has Speaker line I/O so that a tube amp could be fed in and utilize the sub-1's crossover to send signal to the subs. If not, are there any external amps that you know of the have speaker line I/O that would work with a pair of SS18.1's?

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    Copene - The Sub1 does have line in and line out to let you filter out the deep bass from hitting your tube amp. The front panel will set the crossover frequency for you.

    The more I play with a Sub1, the more I like it.


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      Hey Craig, speaker line I/O though or line level?


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        Copene - line level only for the in/out .. no speaker level.

        The Dayton you show there is also a good amp. It's lacking a bit in power, but with most subs, it's still going to be pretty potent.


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          thanks, do you think it would power a pair or a single SS.18.1 at regular listening levels?


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            I think you would be pleasantly surprised with the Dayton on a pair of SS-18.1's ... You would give up that last 4 or 5 dB of output, but outside this, you would not miss much.


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              Good to know, thanks!