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SS 18.2 dual opposed specs

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  • SS 18.2 dual opposed specs

    Are the specs for the SS 18.2 dual opposed archived somewhere here? I tried searching, but no luck. I have one of these beasts collecting dust after just over a year of use. We moved last August and it's been wrapped up in the basement ever since.

    Unfortunately no room for it now and even when I can get my man cave done again in the next couple years, less room in the basement and I'm not going to be able to use this monster. Gonna go with dual 18.1's this time around I think. So, just looking for the specs because I'm going to put it up for sale unfortunately.

    That beast sure rocked my old basement, the sound bar and 'sub' just don't scratch the itch. Thanks.:D

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    Specs are the same as the SS subs, except for the enclosure dimensions and weight, I believe.


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      OK, thanks. I wasn't sure if the drivers were different between the 2 setups yielding different responses and didn't know how much the enclosure size affected the response either. All I have to do is get someone interested and demo it and it will be gone!:biglaugh:


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        The drivers and internal enclosure dimensions are the same, as are the audio specs. Good luck with the sale!


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          Thanks for the quick replies!