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Pair of ss18.1 recommended amp?

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  • Pair of ss18.1 recommended amp?

    Ordered a pair of ss18.1's yesterday. Any recommendations on a amp? Thinking about a ep4000 or crown xls 2000 should be enough. Or are these amps overkill for the subs?

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    Either of those amps will work fine for a pair. If you think you might want more bass later, take a look at our new MQ-600 amp. It is an absolute beast - more $$$ - but a beast none the less.

    We will be doing a special intro on it for CHT subwoofer owners, too.


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      Was planning on bridging either said amp. Rated output for either is around 2000 watts for a 4 ohm bridged load. So was wondering if the subs will stand up to 1000 watt power.

      Been reading about your hopefully soon to be released me 600 also. Just not sure if I can wait for our us customs system.


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        Meant mq there. Not me. Damn autocorrect.


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          It's better to have too much power than not enough. Either amp would work well. All indications are the MQ-600 is even more powerful, I'd be tempted to give it a shot.

          Just a thought. One time, several years ago, I destroyed an SVS db 12.1 driver because I used an amp with too little power. Pretty much the only time I've ever had a problem. Subwoofers don't like square waves too much.