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  • Sub Upgrade Question

    I currently have 2 SS18.1's with the Dayton amp and have been satisfied with the sound quality and levels in can reach in my room. While not missing I am looking for "feel" from them. While during some movies I can feel the bass I want more of this with greater impact.

    What I have been thinking about getting is 2 SS18.2's with a MQ600 amp to try and help out. Since for the most part I am happy with the current level my subs are capable of will these new subs help with the feel and impact? Or are these just going to allow me to go louder than what I currently have.

    While I don't plan on needing to what kind of effect will moving 2 18.2's behind a wall have? I have kind of cubby hole underneath my stairs behind my tv and front wall.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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    I would start with the gain knob. Maybe some EQ if that doesn't do it for you. Chances are, there's plenty of headroom. IMO, if you run out buy more.


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      I think doubling up, and even more with the MQ600 will definitely give you the dynamic overhead to do what you want. Depending on EQ, like Audyssey, or something more flexible like the miniDSP, you could cap the low frequency to allow the ultra low freq to rise without the overall volume rising which sounds like what you're looking for.

      That being said, check out D.T.Mike's posts on the MQ600 and his own XLS-2500 in that they both tended to give a lift in the ability to hit harder very deep. This is with his 18.2. But like all bass heads, even though very happy with his current setup, the bug is biting to upgrade to duals like us.


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        Everything mentioned above I agree with as well but try repositioning one of the units. You might just be getting some room node cancellation at your seating position. Disconnect one unit and see if that improves the situation as well which might suggest you have a phase issue with the wiring polarity or otherwise. If you happen to have the 2nd unit behind you and the other in front you need to reverse the polarity of the sub behind you.

        Those units should deliver the goods quite well so I am thinking you have a room node issue effecting the frequency that will give you what you are looking for. Moving the subs is the only way to best deal with that scenario or adding more subs in different locations. That's why moving one of them may help solve the problem.
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