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Where do I get a toroidal transformer?

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  • Where do I get a toroidal transformer?

    I picked up an ELT SW-10 from someone at the VA GTG and after diagnosing it have found that the transformer is bad. I will try to get some pics, but basically it is burned up on one side. I have called Mark Joslin but was wondering how difficult it would be to match this? The replacement amp is like $230. I would assume the transformer is much cheaper.

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    The transformer may have a model number and rating information printed on the label. If there is a manufacturer listed with the previous info, that should be a pretty good place to start with the search.
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      Label info

      The label gives good info for the values, but shows a model number of OH-1296RT. That yeilded nothing from google. It has both 115 and 230 in and outputs of 12v-0-12v and 38v-0-38v.

      That was like looking at a needle in a haystack on google too :dizzy: I was wondering if these things are custom made by each speaker manufacturer or can I call a transformer distrubitor and find what I need. I am also holding out hope that Mark J will have one.


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        Dual center tapped secondary voltages on a stock toriod is not a typical off the shelf unit. There are places like Maryland Toroids that will wind a custom unit if you have the current rating for each secondary.

        MarkJ would be the best source for a replacement toroid.

        Another option might be Parts Express for a replacement plate amp if MarkJ does not have replacements.
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          I'm curious what happened to burn up the transformer in the first place.....

          Looking at the Antek list, I saw one with dual 38V (form center tap), single 18V, and single 12V. Close, but not quite. HAL's suggestion seems best, as usual :raspberry:


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            Originally posted by wje
            Yes, that can be of concern, too. One can replace a transformer for $50 - $60 in parts ... only to see things fail again.


            What are the plate amp dimensions (H x W)?

            (H x W) 7 7/8 x 8 5/8
            The transformer is separate and bolted to the bottom of the cabinet


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              Here is another idea.

              If more than the transformer is bad, an external subwoofer amp like this:

              Might be a solution.

              Just wire the 10" driver terminals to the old plate amp speaker binding posts and use the external amp.

              The AudioSource has more power than the original amp so more expensive probably than needed. No fan which is nice. :)

              Just a thought.
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                I agree

                Yeah. I had thought about getting the 240 watt Dayton from PE, but thought if I could get a transformer cheaper I would go that route