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  • How long for order processing + shipping

    Good afternoon!

    I was hoping someone can shed some light on the ordering/processing/shipping process for me?

    I ordered a VS-18.1 and Dayton AMP last Monday the 9th, and it kept saying processing until I called on the 13th to see if their was a problem with my information and I was told that nothing was wrong and whomever I spoke with changed it to confirmed. Now approximately a week later, it still says confirmed but my credit card was charged last thursday. I called again today to see if it maybe shipped but hadn't been updated but I was told they had no way to check but to call another number. After calling that number I was told that they couldn't check that either, but the one person that most likely could see wasn't working either.

    Basically, how long does it usually take to receive a order? Admittedly I'm just really excited to receive the goods, but I'm usually used to anything ordered online shipping within a day or 2 at the most from when its ordered. I realize its a smaller company and not Amazon or newegg but 9 days seems like a long time for in-stock items.



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    Hi Cody,

    CHT is usually quite fast in shipping but this post from Craig indicates that they are behind:

    Originally posted by craigsub
    cel4145 - Thanks for the update on your order. The last three weeks, with both Rock and Molly being off so much, have been hectic.

    Make sure to beat the snot out of your new subs - they like it! :biglaugh:
    I would send Craig a PM and hang in there it will be worth the wait!


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      I had to wait about 10 days. If they are shorthanded, it can definitely take a little longer. I know I must have called Craig at least twice to confirm while waiting for it to ship....:peeping:

      I can be a bit impatient at times, but it was worth the wait. :woo:


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        Ive found that PM'ing or emailing craig has always yielded a fairly quick response with an answer ready. ID company's will often take longer than the big internet "warehouses" to get your items out. The period of time after the order is always the worst...waiting is no fun. Just remember the payout is worth it! I am thoroughly enjoying my new twin VS18.1's!
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