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  • WinISD graphs

    I've see some graphs for various CHT products in different threads.

    Is there a one stop shop to all of the graphs for the different CHT products (maybe even for older products to see the technical evolution.... though showing the evolution of the finish/design might be cool too).

    I thought it might be a good reference point for potential/existing product owners...if it doesn't already exist.:D

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    No, but that's an excellent suggestion.

    Seems graphs are posted in trending threads, then lost to history. There's a lot of great info - outdoor ground plane response, close mic tests by various owners, and the WinISD models you mention. Also, tests by Paul Appolino on the VS-18.1, and a bunch of dispersion plots for the SHO-10. If all these could be in one place, it would be a great reference.


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      Bob - Here is a thread with the actual measurements:

      I have stickied this thread, and will add the WIN-ISD graphs next week, and will also change the name of the thread.

      The WIN-ISD and measured responses will be in the first two posts, so it will be easy to find.

      Good idea!