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    I have a 18.1, hooked to a dayton amp. The first few weeks no hum, now, loud hum. Nothing has been added or changed in my set up--- any troubleshooting i can do to remedy the humming sound-

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    F&R ... Try this: Turn the amp off completely, then unplug it for a few minutes. Plug it back in, turn it on, and try it again.

    I don't remember a hum developing in an amp after a few weeks - in the 300 plus we have delivered, about 6 were DOA and two had a high pitched noise.

    Hum usually means a ground loop somewhere, but that would have been there from day one.

    If the unplugging does not work, try a cheater plug (even for just a couple of minutes). If the cheater plug works, then there is a ground loop.

    Let us know when you can ... Thanks ! :)


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      what is a cheater plug?


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        nevermind, I googled it :)


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          Sometimes with Dayton SA1000s in my system (the CHT setup and now the MFW15 quad setup) the hum only appears when I'm using certain software.

          I don't hear it with the xbox, directv, or Onkyo AVR, but when I'm using my HTPC it hums when XBMC is on prior to me playing a film. Once I start the film it goes away.

          Weird, I'm sure it doesn't apply, but I thought I would throw it out there.

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            I've had good luck with these. The SW200 is cheap and of good quality.