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  • Question for Craig on subs/stock...

    Hi Craig. I recently tried to purchase a CS-10.2 subwoofer, and was informed by Jack that all of that stock had just recently been depleted. As such, I asked the question when would that model be back in stock? He wasn't certain of the answer, and really could only speculate. Nor was he certain of the fate of either sub -- the 10.2 or the 12.1.

    He suggested I pose the question(s) to you on the forums for a more direct response...

    Here goes:

    1. When or will the CS-10.2 be back in stock, or has its run come to an end?

    2. If its production has ended...When will the CS-12.1 (the 10.2 replacement I hear) be available?

    3. Will there be any offering similar to the CS-10.2 sub from CHT? If so, when can we expect more information on that item (ie. availablility, specs, ect)?

    I'm itching to get a sub for my media room, and while I've looked at other subs and companies, I rather like the overall footprint (big reason) and value that the CS-10.2 offers over the competition. My room specs are 14x19x10 (2660 cuft.), entirely closed media room (no windows, 1 door), should you need that information. ;)

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Killer Klown - You were told that we were out of subs by mistake. We have a new CS-10.2 in the box, ready to go.

    We are getting low on cabinets from the old OEM, but that is also being looked at with the new OEM.

    Jack is expecting your order, so please feel free to place it. :)

    Thanks !



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      Excellent news!!! :woo:

      Thank you for the quick reply. I'll try making the order tomorrow (sat), but I doubt anyone will be there. Never hurts to try though.

      Hopefully, Jack will hold one for me till Monday if I come up empty handed tomorrow.

      Thanks again!

      UPDATE: I was informed to go ahead and place an order online, as the ordering system has been fixed. I was also informed by Ajax, that the last sub was indeed sold (:(), but that new amps would be ordered from their supplier to fulfill my, and I'm assuming, others orders for the CS-10.2...As it seemed that was the only issue which would hold orders up. Ajax speculated that if the amps were in stock, that the order could be sent out in the coming week(s)...hopefully. :fingerscrossed:


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        I ordered one online Tuesday, since I didn't see anything in the 2012 lineup. Looking forward to it's arrival


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          Guys - I will be at the warehouse Tuesday or Wednesday to inspect the new shipment of 2012 cabinets. Part of that visit will be to check on 10.2 inventory.

          Once we are satisfied with the initial three 2012 products, I will be working on the next gen 10.2 and the floorstanding SHO-10.


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            Originally posted by craigsub
            I will be working on the next gen 10.2 and the floorstanding SHO-10.
            That's good news, and I think a good decision. The 10.2 fills a certain niche very nicely, it seems; it would be a shame to see it go. And the apparent popularity of a floorstander is obvious - people can't stop talking about it and it doesn't even exist! It's not for me, but I'm sure it'll be a winner.

            Thanks for keeping us clued in Craig.