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    I tried to make a couple graphs to check my sub. I have a 18.1 and I am waiting on the driver for the second 18.1 before I can hook that up. In the meantime I still haven't figured out REW (what cables do I need for a RS SPL meter?) but I did download test tones and manually copied down with bass boost on and bass boost off. Any recommendations to do it more correctly are appreciated as this is my first try and I just graphed it on an online graphing site. I am going to have to figure out REW if I do any more as these are taking about an hour each :)


    **should add that I did not use any calibration of the data for the RS meter**

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Good morning ... You will see about a 7.5 increase in the 20 Hz level when applying the corrections to the Rad Shack measurements.

    Once you figure out REW, you can add those calibration files to the mix. For now, doing it manually, don't sweat it.

    You are seeing about 94.5 dB corrected at 20 Hz and about 105 dB at 60 Hz.

    Take your eq settings as follows:

    Level: -9 dB
    Frequency: 63 Hz (you will have to eyeball this a bit)
    Bandwidth: 1

    Then re-do the graph. :)