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stereo subwoofers - electronics?

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  • stereo subwoofers - electronics?

    I will be using stereo subwoofers in my 2 channel system. I currently own an RDES unit, which as I understand, it will apply the same equalization curve to the Left and Right channels.

    My questions are:

    1. Should I use RDES for a stereo sub set-up knowing its limitations?
    2. Should I sell RDES and just go without?
    3. Is there something similar to RDES but more applicable for a stereo set-up?

    I was very pleased using RDES when I was doing 5.1, but I realize stereo subs is a different animal of a configuration set-up. I've never attempted stereo subs and perhaps I'll change my mind after trying it. For point of reference, I will have two UFW-12HRs in a 10x16x12 room paired with RS450s. I was thinking I'd sell RDES to help fund the hot rod upgrades of the sub if there was a better electronics path I could work out down the road.