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Question about the Dayton SA1000 amp

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  • Question about the Dayton SA1000 amp

    A month ago I bought a SHO-10 3 pack and a CS 18.T. I have been extremely happy with the sound of these speakers. I was watching How to Train your Dragon last weekend at -10 on the master volume. It sounded great and I was very pleased, especially at the ending battle scene. Just to see what they could do I started the scene over again with the master volume at 0. At one point during the sequence the bass just sort of dissapeared and it took me a couple of seconds to realize that the subs weren't playing and the amp had actually gone into Standby mode. For you guys that have this amp, you know it is a little difficult to tell when that has happened, but I turned the amp off and back on again and voila, bass. I finished out the rest of the scene and at the very end when the dragon hits the ground I got a flicker of red on the LED but the amp continued to play.

    Wondering if this may have been a fluke, I played the scene again and the same thing happened. I didn't really think much of it until later when I tried to figure out why the amp went into standby mode without any change in the LED. When I played the scene to show it off to my buddy the next day, the amp played the scene flawlessly at 0 on the master volume with a slight red flicker at the very end of the scene.

    Could this of been caused by a clipped incoming signal from my receiver? I know people have mentioned that Onkyo's can send a hot signal over the sub preout. Or was it just due to a buildup of heat in the voice coil of the woofers causeing them to lose some efficiency? Would it be a good idea to turn on the subsonic filter to help save some more amp power during those loud transient scenes?

    I have an Onkyo TX-NR708.
    Sub level in receiver is -8.5
    Gain on the amp is at 2
    No bass boost
    No filter applied from the PEQ
    Subsonic filter is off
    Sub set at 75db based on the RS SPL meter and pink noise from receiver.
    My room is about 1875 cubic ft and has one doorway sized opening to the rest of the house.

    Any help is appreciated. I don't watch movies all that often at reference level, but I don't want to damage anything when I do.

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    dburchfield - You may have had nothing more than a voltage spike which triggered the protection circuitry in the Dayton. Often times, Audyssey will also cause intermittent spike to occur, especially when the room correction software is "fixing" a null.

    The subsonic filter is a good idea to try on this scene, just to keep the bass below 15 Hz out.

    I managed to do the same thing once on "Dragon". That's one intense scene.


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      Thanks for the input. I will try the subsonic filter next time. I'm not currently using Audyssey as I had read it could cause some issues with your speakers.

      Great products, by the way. I am very pleased with my purchases.

      Thanks again for the answer.


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        Thank YOU for your support and for being part of this rather crazy family. "thumbsup:


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          No bass?

          I had a dozen or so folks over last night for the big 28th birthday. Man I'm a geezer.

          Anyways, same thing happened to me...given I was demoing the system so I was taxing it a bit, but didn't think it would shut off.

          I highest I had the receiver was -20 (which is louder than I'd usually listen sorry didn't check the SPL) and randomly the bass would shut off...

          This was when I was playing the prologue for the LOTR.

          I'll assume it is just Audyssey (which is on) but it happened 2-3 times.

          Mojave, what do you think?

          I then played Matrix (lobby), Saving Private Ryan (landing), Minority Report (pulse gun chase scenes) and it didn't happen.

          Anyways.....the good news is I just turned it on again and all was well. Saved me from embarrassment."thumbsup:

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