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  • Hello - Some questions

    I was told about the CS 18.2 on a thread I posted over on AVS. I think it was DT Mike.

    So I am here trying to see what is the current offering. I went to register for the forums and found I already had but I don't even remember being to Chase HT...?

    I currently have 2 MFW-15's. I am getting a bit fed up with the HUM and know I can turbo or cap replace but I would almost rather jump into some new subs. I am placing some pictures in this thread to help figure out what would be best.

    I normally watch more movies than listen to music. My 2 MFW-15's are corner placed. The room is more of a family room than dedicated HT. I have played with room placement and the corner I have them in is the best I could find. I did some RS sweeps, crawl, etc...

    Looking at where there is, I am thinking if I go with the subs offered, it could be the 18.1 duo, or the 18.2 monolith.


    Shot of sub corner - Lots of windows in the room. Sliding glass door next to subs.

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    Your first post was in May 2009. At that time we were known as Tweak City Audio. Maybe that rings a bell. :no clue:

    Either of the subs you mentioned would work in your room. Very nice room, by the way. You would probably want to lay the CS-18.2 on its side so as not to block the poster on the way, and you would want to set the two cabinets of the CS-18.T DUO next to each other, rather than trying to stack them, for the same reason. Essentially both subs would take up the same amount of room 40"w x 20"h x 20"d.

    Your room appears to be sealed (not open to other areas of the house) so you will probably get room gain. If you can give the room's dimension's (H x W x D) I can try to give you an idea of at what frequency room gain wouild begin.


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      Is that a new JVC projector?

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        OK, TCA sounds familiar now.

        Here are the measurements I found online for my house. My room is the top left. I

        8'H x 26W x 21D


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          Originally posted by Mike_TX
          Is that a new JVC projector?

          Yes, RS40.


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            Well if you're room is is indeed closed off, you should begin experiencing room gain around 34 to 35 Hz (Craig may have a different opinion. Hopefully he'll see this and comment).

            With the subs in a corner like that, you should get some nice, low, powerful bass out of the either the CS-18.T DUO, or the SS-18.2.

            With the CS-18.T on sale, it is certainly the better deal financially at this time. The new SS-18.2 will cost a bit more but will have the newer finish.


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              Welcome, Nice setup you have.

              I love how music can brighten up a bad day.


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                Twism - That's a GREAT looking room. Jack is correct in saying you should get nice room gain ... probably starting at about 25 Hz.

                The current deal is the Duo with Free WAF-1's for $1225. A pair of those would give you more extension and slam over your current system.

                If you want to talk on the phone, let me know via PM.


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                  Hey, TWISM, I remember you and your beautiful room from the other forum. My girlfriend is from SB, too.

                  Welcome back.


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                    This is all so tough to decide.....

                    I would like to go duals of whatever I decide to get so I can use multiple locations if I decide to, just nice to keep options open.

                    On my short list so far....

                    CHT 18.T
                    Dual Epik Empire
                    Dual A7S-450

                    I have read all this weekend about some problems each company has and I am very sensitivity to owning something for the next few years. The whole AV123 thing has opened my eyes and I just hate having 2 MFW's that are pretty much just door stops now.

                    That being said, can I fire the 18.1 on feet or turn them on their side? I moved my MFW's to the front of my room to test before the output board died and found that I was able to get rid of two nulls at 71 and 45.

                    Graphs are shown below, does this help show what the 18.1 would do on either my front wall or in the corner?




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                      Originally posted by TWISM
                      That being said, can I fire the 18.1 on feet or turn them on their side? I moved my MFW's to the front of my room to test before the output board died and found that I was able to get rid of two nulls at 71 and 45.

                      Either way is fine. Bass is omni-directional so it doesn't matter where subwoofers are pointed.


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                        Is it safe to assume that the nulls I had in the corner with 2 ported subs might not be present with two CHT sealed subs?


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                          Twism - Based on the graph at the front, a pair of 18's would likely work very well there. You can use the parametric eq to drop the area centered at about 31.5 Hz by 5-6 dB and get a nice house curve. I would not be surprised if you got into the lower teens, based on how far below tuning you got with the MFW's.

                          The 12-50 Hz range would be about 5 dB above the 50-80 Hz. That's usually a great sound - not unlike what MKTheater has in his system.

                          Of course, we won't know for sure until you place the subs there, but having had the MFW's here, it's a pretty good bet you will be happy.


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                            Possibly but nulls are excited by the room dimensions from a given location so changing the sub may or may not impact that, less so than more so. Depends on how the sub interacts with the room. With that said, you always start with the best position you can before tweaking.

                            However, IMO more importantly with the Dayton amp included with the CS18.2 and looking at your room graph you will likely have much better success with any null issue by taming the peaks in the room if you have leave the subs in that corner and the null still exists. Typically when one frequency area is strong, i.e a peak, it can make a null even worse. The Dayton amp has a PEQ that would reduce your peak in the second graph (subs in front - your best starting position) from 25-45hz. By doing so you you would be left with a nice "house curve" below 50hz. This would tighten up the sound a lot and give you a very strong bottom 20Hz in room response and below but retain the mid bass slam the 18.2 is becoming very famous for.

                            That may seem counter intuitive but you are shooting for a fairly even response below 100Hz and targeting 75db as a reference level for all your speakers in the surround test mode. More to this than that but in general terms. It appears you are running the sub hot to get the low bass you want but that can make nulls even worse and make a sub sound quite poor. Get that peak tamed, bring the overall level to 75db (or maybe 3-6db more as some like) and you will be very surprised how good the system will sound.

                            The CS18.2 is phenomenal and will embarass the MFW's and with the flexibility of the Dayton amp I have no doubt you would be VERY impressed. BTW, I have 3 of them and a very difficult room with horrible nulls (far worse than yours) so I am sharing from my experience how I mostly eliminated them. I have a fairly lengthy thread that walked everyone through the struggle if you want more detail about what I have said. Hope that helps you some.

                            I guess Craig beat me to the reply. Clearly he was reading my mind.....
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                              I assume I did the measurements right... I have a mic stand that I placed in the seating position at ear height and ran the test tones. Started my 1st tone I think at 80hz at 80db then just went down the line, I assume thats the raw way of doing it without any fancy equipment. Used the corrected numbers also.