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    Craig, I know you guys are busy getting the business off the ground and it's really exciting to see the new products. I am considering upgrading from my UFW-10 to a CS-10.2, especially at this price. I understand the new batch with upgraded finishes will be more expensive. I'm OK with that. Can we get some good pictures of the current version? I'd like to decide whether or not to wait.

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    I'm thinking the same thing!

    I have a Rocket UFW-10 that I would like to upgrade to the CS-10.2.
    I think for $400.00 its a no-brainer.
    I don't really care about the finish too much because I will be sticking the sub in a dark corner of the room.

    In an earlier post Craig said that a room full of QUAD UFW-10 subs did not equal just one CS10.2!!


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      Good idea on the pics of the CS-10.2. This subwoofer is an incredible value for $400. I will try to get one to my place later this week and get some pics for you guys. "thumbsup:


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        Thanks, Craig. Mine is not going in a corner so appearance does matter. I'm OK with paying more for a better finish.