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Anybody try elevating their subwoofer

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  • Anybody try elevating their subwoofer

    Been looking into subwoofer placement issues for the last little while, and decided to try standing my CS18.1 about 1 foot off the floor. It made a pretty significant difference especially in the lower frequencies...there's much more room gain now. The sub is currently in a corner placement, about 1/5 of room dimensions away from the corner.

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    I forget where I read this suggestion but I raised my x-sub about 4 feet in the air and it has evened out the response in my room. Sub is high, waf is low:rolleyes:...


    • #3 what happens if you turn an 18.2 upside down? =)


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        You can also try placing absorptive material under the raised subwoofer. That should further improve things.

        Personally, I try to minimize room gain when using a subwoofer. Because that's due to constructive interference, which means delayed energy. And thus smearing.

        A subwoofer driver at the floor means it is placed at one end of a wavelength that can be reinforced by the next driver movement. Same as in the corner or against the wall. Moving the driver away from that location prevents the driver from adding to a standing wave.
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          I have (3) 18.2 and turned them upside down trying to deal with my room issues and did not have any measureable difference. I currently have 2 stacked on their sides in a corner (which makes one elevated) and the other as normal in another corner. That's not to say inverting them would not make a difference but only that is will be room and positioning dependent.
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