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Crossover slopes on TCA subwoofers?

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  • Crossover slopes on TCA subwoofers?

    What (are) the crossover slopes on TCA subwoofers?

    6db/octave, 12db/octave, 24db/octave?

    Don't recall seeing this info on the forum.

    Some sub makers have this fixed, others adjustable for ported versus sealed mains.

    This could be an important issue for maximizing integration for discerning music listners, that don't manage this function from a source preamp, or receiver.
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    TennHam - The amp in the CS-10.2 has a 6 dB per octave, 125 Hz highpass built into the speaker level outputs. As the typical bookshelf speaker starts to roll off in this area in the typical room, it's a nice addition to such a speaker, and will help clean up the soundstage as well.

    A pair of CS-10.2's as stands would make any high quality bookshelf speaker into a true full range unit.

    The Rack amp for our larger subwoofers can make a subwoofer an active part of a high end, two channel system.

    It has a 12 dB per octave crossover built into the line outs, which can be looped in between a pre-amp / power amp, or the pre-out, main in, on a receiver/integrated amp.


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      Thanks Craig

      This whole crossover thing could get pretty confusing for an old school 2 channel guy like me that has not used a subwoofer before.

      I only have a rat shack meter, graph paper, and a audio tone generator to work with.

      Current mains are floorstanders rated +/- 3db to 35 hz, & 93db efficiency, but lack bass clarity & dynamics below about 100hz.

      Still on the fence between adding two 10.2's versus two 18.1's at this time.

      One option is more economical, one option has more headroom for loud music moods .... arghhh .... decisions decisions.:hissyfit:
      :group: Long live draft beer and good old rock 'n roll :grinning: