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    I have a sub connection question. My speakers are rated (+/- 3 db) to 45 Hz but I want to integrate my sub (Outlaw LFM-1 EX) but I have a tube preamp w/ 2 outputs and no bass management. Am I fine just having my mains run full and connecting my sub via low-level input and using the sub's crossover or will I run into frequency/wavelength/phase problems and have to use the high-level connections?

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    That's pretty much how I run my setup.

    If your mains aren't having bass problems like bottoming/distorting then that's how I'd suggest you run them. If you are having low frequency problems with the mains, then you're going to have to figure out a way to limit bass to them.

    The biggest issue you'll run into with your setup will be phase issues (I think) which you can adjust with the Outlaw. Also sub positioning might be more critical. You should be able to adjust phase by ear to blend well.

    FWIW... my personal preference is to tune mostly by ear in a 2 channel rig. ymmv....
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