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So what do you guys think of the Submersive clone that Epik is releasing?

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  • So what do you guys think of the Submersive clone that Epik is releasing?

    Here's the link for those who may not have seen it.

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    I think it's a really good price point right now... man would I love to get some reviews on it.


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      I posted this in the Dual-10 thread here, but this looks like a good place to copy the same post.

      Guys - On paper, the Empire looks like a giant killer. However (and this is not to pick on a competitor), all you know is it uses the same 600 watt amp from other Epik offerings, plus two 15 inch drivers about which we know nothing.

      There is already speculation about it versus subwoofers like the Submersive.

      The Submersive's amplifier alone has an OEM cost that is almost what the pre-intro price of the Empire is as a subwoofer.

      As Mark Seaton's Submersive and our CS 18.x series subwoofers are both using the most potent 15 and 18 inch drivers Eminence can build, it is pretty predictable what our respective performance will be.

      I suggest people wait to see how the Empire does when it is in the hands of people who truly understand what makes for a great subwoofer.

      And, by this, I don't mean someone who moves from a PB-10 or VTF-2 into an Empire. We have all seen how the MFW-15 is a very large step up for those moving from entry level Hsu and SVS products into the MFW.

      My "best guess" on the Empire based on experience is it will likely be close to a Dragon in the really deep stuff, and have better mid bass slam than the Dragon. I would also not be surprised to see it replace the Dragon in the line up.

      This is my best guess as a hobbyist, and time will tell. It's always good to see ID companies coming out with new stuff. :thumbsup:

      To address the "Submersive Clone" idea ... The Empire uses dual 15 inch drivers on opposing baffles. The idea of putting drivers on opposing baffles is not new - even at the time of the Submersive's release, it was not new.

      Hsu did this in 1990. Mirage did this in 1992. SVS did it in 2002. It's been around for a LONG time.

      What makes a Submersive special is the amp was custom designed and configured for the exact driver parameters and enclosure. The drivers were optimized to deliver both powerful deep bass and outstanding mid bass slam.

      It is a known quantity.

      Let the games continue. :angel: