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  • Velodyne VMS-8

    Has anyone ever heard this?

    I'm trying to find a small sealed sub for 2 channel music only.

    WAF restrictions say less than one cubic foot so 8" (like this) and 10" choices (like ML Dynamo) are it.

    Scratch the VMS-8, the sellout is over. So the Velodyne option now is probably the MiniVee, more money though...

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    I would highly consider the Outlaw ECS-10 for your application.
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      Didn't realize that thing was so tiny. Wonder how it compares to the ED? I thought it was an odd product for Outlaw, but they seemed to have given up budget home theater / music to Emotiva.
      Originally posted by Jason
      I would highly consider the Outlaw ECS-10 for your application.


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        I made a PDF comparison list of small, generally less expensive subs.
        It isn't fully comprehensive and isn't necesarilly aimed at any price for super small, but may give you some leads.

        HT Gear (AVS Link)
        Rk: MA WR-37-32
        Pwr: 20A, Surge-X SEQ, M1500-UPS
        Proj: JVC RS20, 128" 2.4:1 CaradaBW, ISCOIIIL, CineSlide, RadianceXE
        Cbl: DirectTV C31/700 Genie receiver
        Rec: 5308CI + XPA-3
        BR: Oppo BDP-103
        Gm: 360 Pro
        LR/C: RS1KSig/RSC200Sig
        S/R: RSS300/RS250MkII
        Sub: SVS PB12-Ultra/2
        Off: HRT MS DAC, USP-1, UPA-2, ERC-1, Ultra10, WAF-1 Ninja+No-Rez
        Off2: Gizmo, WAF-1
        TCA: 3x Gizmo 1.0or,5x v1.0M; 5xWAF-1


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          Originally posted by Jason
          I would highly consider the Outlaw ECS-10 for your application.
          Anyone else noticed the specs for the ECS-10 read VERY similar to those of the the Velodyne MiniVee-10 and Chrysalis Acoustics Photon-10 (which are essentially the same sub, as Chrysalis is part of Velodyne).


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            If you're on a budget....I would feel comfortable recommending the Energy ESW-V8 or, if you can go a bit bigger, the ESW-V10. Or maybe even to V8's...

            I have the Mirage iterations of these subs, and I am very impressed with them for the $$ - this of course being the closeout pricing, not full retail.

            Mike, I saw the V10 in your small sub pdf...the dimensions for that are incorrect though.


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              And just go give another option...

              What about the Aperion Bravus 8D? A little pricey, but very compact, and while it doesn't dig deep, it should have some great punch for music. It's been very well reviewed too.

              I am basing this off of the assumption that the 8D is an improvement over the Aperion S8-APR that I currently own, which in it's own right is a nice punchy little sub for music. This is speculation, but being sealed with 2 active drivers, I would think the 8D would bring even better SQ and punch to the table over the single active driver/passive radiator combo of the S8-APR I own.


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                What about Mosscade

                Has anyone heard about these guys? Mosscade Home page

                They are a French company and their subs are supposed to be quite musical.

                A local store is just picking them up, particularly the new Gen 5 lineup.

                PS. Thanks all for the feedback and suggestions so far.


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                  Wait for the new CS10.1 or wait for Emotiva to release their new dual subwoofer setup, that looks very promising.