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Dual subs with different amps?

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  • Dual subs with different amps?

    I am kinda curious about something with having duals of the ufw-10. I have one that has an amp from about a year ago(can't remember exactly). I have a bad amp and it is going to get replaced, hopefully soon. From everything I have seen the amp has again been redesigned, with this new amp only going into one of my subs does that change setup at all with my subs? Is it like have 2 different models of subs?

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    If it is like have two different subs how do I go about integrating them both into the same setup?


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      If the amps are similar in power capability, which one would hope is the case, you want to gain match them. Run a test signal through them one at a time (in the same location to isolate room issues) and set the gain on the subs so that they both measure the same output level.


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        It will be okay, just remember to perform a low frequency check to ensure they are set up properly. So folks say it is actually better to mix things up in subwoofers inorder to get different sound waves. Experiment and see how it sounds.



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          There's no way of knowing how close they are in performance and if you're not co locating them, the difference may not matter.