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Odd Sub Placement - What to Expect

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  • Odd Sub Placement - What to Expect

    I am in the middle of a renovation to create a guest room/office in which I was able to add a "zero footprint" 5.1 system. My questions is about what to expect from my transitional subwoofer setup. While I save up for the IB materials, I am going to use a box sub (dayton titanic 10" kit- sealed) in my subwoofer cut out. I will put the sub in the opening in the picture below in the spot where the daughter is. haha The other space is a walk in closet about 15'x6.5'.

    Is the sub going to pressurize my guest room at all?
    Is there some weird effect that happens from a sub between 2 rooms like this?
    Is the sub just seeing 1 larger space?
    Will the sub act corner loaded or not?

    These are obscure questions I know but I want to get ahead of any no-nos.

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    A sealed sub in that space will have the same room interaction as the IB.


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      Originally posted by m-fine
      A sealed sub in that space will have the same room interaction as the IB.
      Super. That's what I had hoped. So no weird effect from the sub sitting in a hole in the wall (and effectively in 2 rooms at once) vs the IB which is completely sealed in to the listening room. Thanks, m.
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        Nope, the only air movement from the sealed sub is from the driver which will be in the same location as the manifold opening which is the only source of air movement (in the theater) from the IB. If the sub was rear ported, there would be issues, but you will be fine.

        In fact you can use a smaller sealed sub as a tool to find the best location for you IB if you are lucky enough to have options. Just move the sub around, and cut yor manifold opening wherever the sub gives the best room response.